ScanX CTO Hong Tran Gets Featured as One of the Industry Experts in Digital Twins

ScanX Feature

Spatial Source, a leading news and information outlet regarding mapping, surveying, and GIS, featured ScanX CTO Hong Tran in an article entitled Delving into digital doppelgangers.

Written by Jonathan Nally, the piece published in Position Magazine focused on how different industry experts view the past, present, and future outcomes of point cloud and digital twins.

ScanX Feature

Hong Tran explained the importance of creating value out of existing digital twins. He also stated that features such as automatic classification and segmentation are essential to help various industries grow.

Furthermore, Tran focused on processes such as deep learning and data interoperability. “These are solutions to efficiently clean and optimize datasets for digital twin platforms,” he added.

ScanX Point Cloud Featured Image

When it comes to government standards, the ScanX CTO discussed the need for a push towards open access. This will enable various roleplayers to solve real and large-scale issues on the ground.

Hong Tran leads in the development of ScanX. It is a web-based user interface that allows users to instantly process, collaborate and automate processes using Machine Learning. The platform has processed terabytes of data to date and has partnered with big names in the industry such as HITACHI, Itochu, and NextCore in the processing and digitalization of various point cloud scans.

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